Check your emergency lighting

Employers have a legal duty to carry out a fire risk assessment at their place of work. This includes emergency lighting. If there’s an emergency in your workplace, is there enough light so people can escape? You may not need emergency lighting if:

  • Your premises are never used at night and you have enough natural light coming through the windows by day.
  • Your workplace is used at night, but enough street lighting shines through the windows.
  • Your building is small and you have rechargeable torches strategically placed.

If your building has complicated escape routes or the public are on site regularly, you must definitely look at your emergency lighting requirements. If your escape routes and exits require artificial lighting, you probably need an electrical emergency lighting system. Place lights:

  • At the intersection of corridors
  • At each exit door
  • At stairways
  • Outside each exit
  • Within lift cars
  • Near firefighting equipment
  • Near fire alarm call points.

MB Electrical can help you assess the need of emergency electric lighting, plan the setup and install it. Contact us to find out more.