Electrical appliance testing services

All electrical appliances in public and commercial use must be tested to comply with OSH standard AS/NZS 3760. Any accident involving an untagged appliance could see the management personally prosecuted, with penalties of up to $500,000 and two years imprisonment. MB Electrical’s testing and tagging your electrical appliances:

  • Protect you, your staff and clients from shock and fire
  • Ensure compliance with electrical and OSH regulations
  • Prove “all practicable” steps were taken to ensure safety
  • Comply with insurance policies regarding “reasonable care”

Testing should be conducted regularly.

  • Every 3 months: High-risk appliances, e.g. hand drills, saws & vacuum cleaners
  • Every 6 months: Medium-risk appliances, e.g. portable heaters, fans, laptop computers
  • Every 1-5 years: Low-risk appliances, e.g. desktop computers, printers, televisions, etc.

When we do an electrical appliance test, we ensure it operates within safety parameters. We check cords for cuts, scratches, stretching, inspect plug tops for physical damage and test wiring connections. Costs range from:

  • $4.50 per appliance if you have 100+
  • $6.50 per appliance if you have 26-100
  • $8.00 per appliance if you have 1-25

These prices do not include repairing unsafe appliances or travel to the site. Call MB Electrical now on 0800 MB ELECT to have your electrical appliances tested and tagged.